Glen Harry Game Reserve, located in the hear of the Karoo, Is a well established game reserve with a focus on the natural beauty of the landscape that surrounds them as well a plethora of wildlife on show. Offering high level accommodation and service, Glen Harry wanted to up their game in the social media department. They also had a need for updated brochures & informational material used on-site.

All photo’s seen in this display has been done in-house.


With an existing branding identity, it was a seamless task to transition that style into a social media presence. With complimentary photography & strong brand focused posts when necessary, it is all about placement & time until Glen Harry becomes a standout page on social media.

  • Strong brand identity through imagery
  • Showcase the wonders of Glen Harry Game Reserve
  • Create a flourishing social media presence
  • Create the perfect easy reading brochure


  • A strong branding across all platforms
  • A stunning new brochure look
  • Over 3000 Facebook page followers in under a year


The Programs we made use of for this project:

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Photography

Project Info

  • Date:05.31.2024
  • Categories:Brochures, Digital Marketing, Social Media